Simone Chagoya
Altered BeliefsRegarding My Wayward Ways

SoldTranscendence Into WhiteGirl Sock, Worn By A BoyTiny Tights Little Kid GlovesFavorite Color at Age NinePlaying Army Guys in the Woods, Camo HatBig Boy BriefsPanty Painting In GrayPanty Painting in BlackPanty Painting in PinkBlack Monochrome Manos de la Cueva
(Hands of the Cave)Estas Son Mis Manos
(These Are My Hands)I'm Looking Through YouI'm Looking Through You
(detail)Natural Darkness With Nothing To HideMy Farthest of TravelsHonolulu

SoldThe Garage With All Our ShoesThe Attic Where We Played Chefs From the TV

SoldPlastic Chandelier PilsenPerformance PieceSoup Rock

SoldJust Rip It Off

SoldAlex's Foot

SoldPlaying Near the Fence of My YouthPreserved Forest GroundDaydream CottageMoss and Mold from the Woods.Twist of the Generation

Graduate of the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, May 2011.